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TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a top-notch technology based recruitment company. TIGI HR is also known as the top most trusted and preferred recruitment brand in India for potential talent outsourcing. The company works with the mission and vision to create maximum employment and leaders globally. In very less time TIGI HR have created a high scale business along with long term sustainability. We believe in Speed, Scale and Surety which allow us to generate and maintain long term TRUST with our prospects and customers.
Automation and Technology have been rapidly shifting the dynamic in every sector, and HR is no exception. TIGI HR always stays ahead in this game because we have a constant eye on the latest trends and what tools are available to HR professionals. Being a disruptive startup, we work with highly innovative technology and believe in the change by preliminarily understanding the demand excellence. At TIGI HR We are working with AI based Recruit Robot and TMS technology which allow us to attract potential talent pool with min. TAT along with NLP based performance analytics.
We do have a tactically expertise team of professionals who have relevant years of experience from the same industry so it helps us to source most potential talent from across India. Along with this we do have a POC based exclusive training module (TLMS) for our team. TIGI HR is the proper amalgamation where humans and technology work together for the betterment of the society. Our innovative and AI based technological approach with a tactically expert team is dedicated to discover the right talent.


Our company is created with a vision to create MAXIMUM EMPLOYMENT and MAXIMUM LEADERS globally.
We are here to fulfill our commitments to clients with a clear understanding of the deadline and urgency they have to consummate their requirements.

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TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. is in hand of young, enthusiastic and dedicated management team, We are dedicated towards providing quality effective services to our clients.

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