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Accu Verify:

Discover an accurate background verification !

AccuVerify is an accurate background verification service of TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. Transcendent, easy and hassle-free verification process for all your personnel verification. Before on-boarding anyone verification is actually a crucial thing for every organization. As corporations are hiring from different territories, cultures and organizations, it is important to do background verification about the desired candidate that we are going to invest in the right resource.

Why AccuVerify : 3T's Trustworthy, Transparent and Tech-oriented


Background verification is a process of verifying the credentials of an individual. The verification could include an id proof, criminal background check, court record check. education verification, professional references and experience check. The checks can be conducted in different circumstances like hiring employees, contracting work or in important deals with any individual.
Identity verification, Education verification, Criminal history verification, Employment verification, Address verification (Digital and Physical), and Reference verification etc.
Background Verifications has traditionally remained costly, time-consuming, and out of reach for small businesses. As a result, a lack of proper check before hiring anyone poses grave threats to both the team and the organization as a whole. Technology has made it possible for fast and cost-effective checks to happen.
AccuVerify’s super-efficient and easy-to-integrate background check gets you started in a couple of easy steps. This is completely tech oriented. We will share link to the candidate and candidate have to upload document on that link once there will done will document submission it will transfer to our verification team and team will go ahead for verification with different ways and then they will submit the detail report.
A verification process can take between 1 - 6 weeks depending on the complexity of a check. Identity check and court records check take less time as these are automated and digitally verified. The address check, education check and experience check could take longer to verify as these may require manual intervention. By the way, we are 30% faster than the industry leader in background checks.
Court records are checked against multiple databases and records to fetch details. Records from District Civil Courts & Tribunals, High Courts, Supreme Court, Magistrate Courts, District Courts, and State Courts are checked during the process. The process is automated where AccuVerify algorithms verify if there are any criminal or civil proceedings against the individual.
Identity checks are conducted by verifying the credentials of an individual like DL, Passport, State ID and SSN against respective government databases to confirm the identity.
Education checks include verifying the certificates furnished by an individual with the records available with the certifying authority. It involves automated checks with online databases if available, or includes a manual check by a Third party agent by visiting the certification office.
The employment checks are conducted by contacting the team an individual worked with before. These checks are again manual and an executive from AccuVerify contacts the teams the individual has worked with. The check involves understanding the role the individual played in the team.